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The Courier-Journal - Rigid to a Fault (10/7/08)

The Courier-Journal - Rigid to a Fault (10/7/08)

As you might imagine, I'm all in favor of people - and organizations - having a point of view.

But intelligent opinions should be the products of educated, open minds - not mere talking points that never deviate from a pre-conceived script no matter how wildly the facts may refute them.

Sadly, Louisville's newspaper of record, The Courier-Journal, apparently disagrees.

Sure, it's always had a liberal slant. And that's perfectly OK.

But what used to be the paper's well-informed, generally liberal view of the world has evolved under its current editorial leadership into a narrow, single-minded doctrine that rigidly clings to the liberal position on absolutely every issue, without the slightest tolerance of any deviation.

The only way they ever endorse a Republican is if the Democratic candidate is a complete mouth-breather. 

They're so unaffected by facts, I sometimes think if they ever took an editorial position in favor of rain, they'd stubbornly stick to it even if all of downtown were underwater.

Ironically, I agree with the Courier on many of its opinions. But that's because I see merit in some liberal ideas. I vote for Republicans AND Democrats. But unfortunately, I see no such willingness on the paper's part to broaden their view in the same way.

And I think the city suffers terribly as a result.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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