Family and friends continue to ask why a Louisville mother to kill her two children before taking her own life.  They think 35-year-old Hope Orwick may have been depressed.  They also say despite what happened, she was a very loving mother.

"We noticed that she had kind of dropped off talking to us a lot," said Shawn Kennell, a family friend.

Shawn and Beth Kennell and their daughter Hannah are heartbroken.

"She was just wonderful, very patient with Lindsey and just would do anything for her children," said Beth.

Police say Monday evening their friend, Hope Orwick stabbed her two daughters to death and then killed herself.

"I know it was very hard but she seemed up to the task," said Beth.

Friends say Orwick may have been depressed.

"She would mention all the time, before Chris passed away," Beth.

A few years ago, Orwick's husband committed suicide.  There were also mounting medical bills and her youngest daughter Lindsey had special needs.

"She seemed to have really good support from her mom and dad who lived real close,"

"I heard the most blood curling scream Monday evening," said Mechelle Rockey, a neighbor.

Neighbor Mechelle Rockey heard screaming after a family member discovered the bodies monday evening.

"It was her mother that found the bodies," said Rockey.

Hope Orwick was pronounced dead at the scene along with her 9-year-old daughter Emily and 8-year-old Lindsey.

"Emily was the big sister and would take care of her," said Wendy Anderson, a Counselor at Auburndale Elementary.

The girls were students at Auburndale Elementary school where Emily was an "A" student.

"Just beautiful little girl.  The one that you always want in your class room, 24 just like her," said Anderson.

Anderson says despite the tragedy Orwick was a very supportive parent.

"Always making sure the two girls were here on time," said Anderson.

A sign outside the school lets family members know they're know alone.

"We wanted them to know that we are going to be very supportive and that we're very concerned," said Anderson.

That's why friends like the Kennells are leaving flowers and stuff animals outside the family's home.

"My daughter wanted to buy something to bring over to leave as a memory for both Lindsey and Emily," said shawn.

Grief counselors will be at Auburndale Elementary School Wednesday to talk with students.