Eradicate the Leeches (10/14/08)

A couple of weeks ago, I said Congress should pass the 700 billion dollar rescue plan immediately, and that there'd be plenty of time later to punish the people who irresponsibly or illegally caused this mess.

Well, it seems some people just can't wait to be punished.

Like the stupid, arrogant executives at AIG who spent over $400,000 on a lavish "retreat" just days after accepting an 87 billion dollar government loan to help them avoid bankruptcy.

And get this: Just last Wednesday - AFTER the retreat - the feds granted AIG yet another loan of over 37 billion dollars!

What all these selfish leeches SHOULD be getting is a bill for every penny spent on that retreat, heavy fines levied against their personal fortunes, and some serious time behind bars for defrauding the American public.

And be sure to save some outrage for those political hacks in Congress who wouldn't vote for the bailout bill until it also included yet more needless, wasteful earmarks so they could bring home some more pork.

Americans are being asked for a lot during this crisis. And if this is all we can expect in return, the jerks who continue to exploit this crisis for their own gain will deserve every bit of the ugly backlash they've got coming.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.