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An Endorsement for McConnell (10/28/08)

An Endorsement for McConnell (10/28/08)

For the past year, the Courier Journal has used every drop of ink and every fiber of paper to convince you to vote for Bruce Lunsford.  Actually, they don't care as much that you vote for Lunsford as they do that you vote against Mitch McConnell.  They know Lunsford, try as he might, has yet to be elected to any political office, but they don't care about that lack of experience or his vague positions on the issues. They just don't want McConnell.   

But Mitch McConnell has devoted his life to our Commonwealth. He has risen to a position of great influence in Congress-a position that benefits all of us. It's better for us to have arguably the most powerful person in Congress looking out for Kentucky's interests than a rookie who would have less than zero influence on our behalf in Washington. 

Recently, Senator McConnell was sitting at the table with President Bush, Barack Obama, John McCain, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, working through the bi-partisan financial rescue plan, while Lunsford was sitting back here waffling over whether he would support the plan or not.  And we still don't know. 

Don't be bullied or fooled by the agenda of a handful of ultra-liberals at the Courier. Mitch McConnell can get 20 things done for Kentucky while Bruce Lunsford is trying to find the keys to the washroom. Don't give up the most influence in Congress for the least.

I'm Bill Lamb...and that's my Point of View.

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