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Guest Editorial - Negative Media (10-31-08)

Guest Editorial - Negative Media (10-31-08)

I wish to speak out and voice my concern with the way that our national and local media are bombarding our airwaves with negative and sensational journalism.

They are changing the mindset of the public through "their" views and opinions, as opposed to factual journalism.  Let's rise up and stop letting these negative stories infiltrate our minds.  For every one positive report we see, there are 100 negative ones to follow.

The media has a major impact on our emotions as well as our economy.  Our country may be in economic hard times, but continuing to allow fear to come in is what is going to cripple our economy.

I'm a realtor and have seen the negative impact the media has had on our industry.  Believe it or not, our local real estate market is still solid and stable compared to the national market.  We must continue to spend money because our community depends on us from small purchases to large ones -- like a car or home. 

Let's live life and not live in fear of what we see day in and day out on TV.  I encourage Fox 41 to keep up the work of being journalists and not sensationalists.  It's within us all to have a good attitude each day. We must not let the fear of speculative journalism change our positive mindset.  

Let's not let our TV control us. Let's control what we watch.  Be a light in the world by spreading good news and building up those around you. 

I'm Missy Platt, and that's my...Point of View.

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