Police believe if they can find a dead man's car, they can find his killer.  Police say the victim didn't go to work Friday morning.  Worried co-workers called police to his home in Fox Chase, near Pioneer Village.

Detectives won't yet say publicly how Donald Ash died.  Police found his body in his home on Tembroke Drive in Fox Chase.

Fox Chase is a small city near I-65 and the Brooks exit.  They say Ash was 55-years-old and lived alone in the quiet neighborhood of about 180 homes.

"We know an entry was made into the home.  I don't want to say how that entry was made or where it was made, but we believe someone did enter the residence," said Lt. Scotty McGaha, Bullitt Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Police also say some items are missing from Ash's home, but they do not call the situation a robbery.

Police are looking for a vehicle missing from Ash's home.  Police describe it as a 2005, grey Lexus SUV, with a Kentucky license plate of 4071AG.

"We believe whoever may be involved in this may be driving that Lexus or may have ditched it, left it somewhere," said McGaha.

Officers spent the day talking with neighbors, many of whom described Donald Ash as someone quiet.

"90 percent of the will always wave as they go by and this guy didn't," said Ted Judd, a neighbor.

"We know several vehicles were in and out of this residence last night, and we believe probably some time after 8 o'clock last night is when this homicide may have taken place," said McGaha.

Police have received some tips tonight, but still ask for your help.  If you've seen that Lexus SUV, or have other information, call local police or the Bullitt County dispatch at 955-7804.