Your TV may already be set for the switch, or you may have to request a coupon to purchase a special converter box. To help you find out, Geek Squad agents have put together simple steps.

Geek Squad Agent Frances Gallup explains how to know if your TVs are ready for the switch.

The steps include:

o Step One: Check Your TV

o Step Two: Contact Your TV's Manufacturer

o Step Three: Request a Converter Box Coupon

o Step Four: Install Your Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

Here's how to install your digital-to-analog converter box:

Check the back of your TV set: Do you have red, yellow and white AV inputs? If so, use an AV cable and follow step A. No red, yellow and white inputs? No problem: use the coaxial cable that came with the converter box and follow step B.

A. Plug in the red, yellow and white prongs from the AV cable to the corresponding TV inputs, and those in the converter box. It's as easy as connecting red to red, yellow to yellow and white to white. Tune your TV to the correct input station (labeled on back of TV) and skip to step 2.


B. Disconnect the coaxial cable from the "antenna in" plug on the back of your TV set and connect it to the "antenna in" plug on the converter box. Then connect the supplied coaxial cable from the "antenna out" plug on the converter box to the "antenna in" plug on your TV set. Turn on the TV and tune it to channel three (3).

2. Power up the converter box. It will prompt you to scan for local channels, or do this automatically.

3. Congratulations! You're now ready to enjoy digital television.

For additional information or to check out  a step-by-step installation video visit the Geek Squad website.