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No More Digital Delay (1/15/09)

No More Digital Delay (1/15/09)

After years of preparation, the federal government is considering postponing the analog-to-digital TV switchover from February 17 to a later date.

Why? Because money for the converter box coupon program is running short and some people have unwittingly allowed the coupons they received to expire. This has our leaders panicked into believing too many people will be left with no TV whatsoever, while still believing the fantasy that everything can be perfect if we just give it a few more months.

But this is ridiculous.

Every U.S. broadcaster has spent millions to make the switchover, and hundreds of millions  to publicize this move so no one will be caught unaware when the change goes into effect. And the public is, quite frankly, getting sick of seeing all these announcements.

So what justifies even more expense to us and inconvenience to you simply because the government hasn't held up its end of the deal? Especially when 95% of all viewers are up to speed and ready while the other 5% never will be no matter HOW long we delay?

Look - broadcasters have met their obligations. We're ready, and so are you. The government is the only player in this game that isn't. They mandated the deadline in the first place, and there's no good reason they shouldn't stick to it.

It's time for them to get out of the way and finally leave the TV industry -- and you, the viewers - alone for awhile.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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