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Passing the Torch: America's Strength (1/22/09)

Passing the Torch: America's Strength (1/22/09)

Tuesday, America showed once again exactly what sets us apart from practically every nation on earth.

The leadership of the entire country was transferred from a man who has wielded that power for eight years to another man who will be guided during his term by a very different governing philosophy.

While the new leader won the popular vote, what's really interesting is that tens of millions cast their ballot for someone else. Yet as the Oath of Office was being administered, there was no rioting in the streets. No declaration of a "government-in-exile" that will continue working in the shadows to thwart the new leader.

Our system produced a winner, and his legitimacy is recognized by all.

Only time will tell whether the Obama presidency is a success or a failure. But what transpired Tuesday - and has transpired 42 other times during America's lifespan - is proof that the United States is a success.

Our Constitution guarantees that while the players may change - often drastically - the play nonetheless remains the same. And because it does, our differences, disagreements and debates don't destroy us as they do so many weaker nations.

For nearly half the nation, Election Night was a bitter disappointment. But for all of America, Inauguration Day was cause for celebration.

As long as we can say that, this is still the greatest country in the world.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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