Givers and Takers (2/10/09)

Anyone who's been alive for very long knows one thing for sure about people:

There are givers. And there are takers. And there were plenty of examples of both during the recent ice storm.

For example, several hotels - The Galt House and The Brown are two that I know of - stepped up with offers of discounted room rates for people who had lost power, and even temporarily eased their rules against keeping pets. At the same time, several others took a "take it or leave it" position, raising their rates far above what they'd normally charge.

Many stores would sell you snow shovels, generators, batteries and other necessities - assuming they had them - for their usual fair price. But others suddenly priced these items as if they were made of gold. And of course, while most plumbers, electricians and tree trimmers worked around the clock at their regular rate, some made sure they soaked their customers for every penny they could.

The truth is, while most people do the right thing during times of crisis, we'll always be cursed with a few bad apples. So please - make sure you remember who treated you right when the chips were down, and make sure they get your business in the future.

And as for the parasites? Remember them too - and the next time they try to sell you anything, just walk on by.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View