A cold case murder from 1995 is solved.  The sisters of Eddie Keith, from Valley Station, thought they may never see their brother's murder cease to be a cold case.

But police from Louisville, all the way to Breckinridge County, began looking at the case again two years ago.  People they had interviewed before provided new clues.

Winona Newton, the victim's older sister, says, "I still, I'll always miss him."  And Chris Claxton, the victim's younger sister, says, "He was just fun to be around. You know, he was like the backbone, and when we lost him, none of the holidays were ever the same. "

Two sisters are grieving as if their brother's murder was just yesterday.

In Breckinridge County, where only about one murder happens in a year, a grand jury has indicted three men in the shooting death of 33-year-old Eddie Keith.  His friends at the time, now charged with murder, are Kevin Black, Mark Thompson, and Terry Jones. All have criminal records.

Three days after Keith went missing in 1995, police say two boys riding dirt bikes in a wooded area found his body off Kentucky 86 in Breckinridge County.

Breckinridge County Sheriff Todd Pate on Friday said, "These investigations are very frustrating, from a law enforcement perspective and also from the family."

All along, Keith's sisters suspected Terry Jones, but police did not have enough evidence until now.  The sisters live in the same Valley Station neighborhood as Jones, so they've seen him almost daily since their brother's murder 14 years ago.

Chris Claxton points out, "I know we'll probably have to relive what we've done been through, but knowing that we might and hopefully, with evidence that they've got, have closure."

Two of the suspects, Kevin Black and Mark Thompson, are already in prison for other crimes.  Terry Jones was on the loose until police arrested him for Keith's murder.