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Aspen Creek offers classical dining in Fern Creek

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After falling to new twelve-year lows Monday, stocks took a turnaround and gained some ground Tuesday afternoon.

The Dow is up 236.16 points to close at 7,350.

The Nasdaq also closed up 54.11 points at 1,441.


The founder of Texas Roadhouse is cooking up a new eatery for Louisville area diners.  Aspen Creek officially opened its doors Tuesday.

The restaurant in Fern Creek offers a warm mountain lodge interior and rugged stone exterior.  The menu is classical dining, with items including salads, hamburgers, pasta, meatloaf, and pizza...all mostly under 10 dollars.

The owner, Kent Taylor, is hoping he duplicate the success he's had with Texas Roadhouse:  "I started this a year and a half ago, so it really wasn't planned for this economy...about to find out tonight what it can do."

Aspen Creek is bringing more than 150 jobs to the area.


A full economic recovery may still be years away -- that's the assessment from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.  He testified Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee.

Still, he says he's hopeful the U.S. can pull out of recession by the end of the year. 

Bernanke told Congress that the Central Bank will use all available tools to lift the country out of the recession that already has cost millions of jobs.


Orange juice drinkers are finding one brand's new packaging too hard to swallow.  Tropicana is pulling the plug on the new design that was just introduced last month.

One ad executive explains what might've turned customers off.  Linda Kaplan Thaler says, "They had a perfectly wonderful package, the straw is coming out of the orange. What says purity more than the straw going straight into the orange?  And then they put this glass of what looks like kind of diluted orange something, and it just doesn't look as healthy, it doesn't look as pure."

Tropicana received several complaints from customers through e-mail and phone messages.  The old cartons will be brought back next month.

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