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Clipping the President's Wings (2/26/09)

Clipping the President's Wings (2/26/09)

While I disagree with many of his policies, I liked a lot of what I heard in President Obama's speech Tuesday night. Like him, I believe all real Americans love their country and want it to succeed. And I also agree we need to sacrifice, eliminate waste and cut back on needless programs.

But he's been missing out on one really good opportunity to put those principles into action: By skipping all the needless trips he's taken in the five weeks since his inauguration.

He's visited Arizona to discuss foreclosures... Virginia to appear at a Democratic Congressional rally... Elkhart, Indiana...Colorado...Florida...and the list goes on. And each trip involved the use of Air Force One, a backup plane, a full traveling staff, limousines and many other expenses that probably total at least a million dollars every time he takes off.

I know the president needs to make contact with real Americans. But trips this expensive when money is so tight should only be made when they serve a real purpose -- not just to put an exclamation point on a political speech. In business terms, it's the difference between a mandatory expense and one that's discretionary.

I know previous presidents have done the same thing. But President Obama ran on a promise of change. And this is one needed change that seems not only obvious, but also easy to make, compared with many of the others he suggests.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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