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PETA - Irrational, Ineffective and Rude (3/12/09)

PETA - Irrational, Ineffective and Rude (3/12/09)

Tuesday night, over a thousand people gathered in Whitney Hall to hear YUM! CEO David Novak address the annual meeting of Greater Louisville Inc. Unfortunately, a couple of crackpot representatives of PETA chose to use the occasion to wander on stage and disrupt the proceedings by waving posters and shouting accusations about mistreatment of animals.

Thankfully, after only a short interruption, the demonstrators were escorted off the stage to boos and then the audience showed Mr. Novak how they felt about him by giving him a standing ovation.

No one who disagrees with PETA had their mind changed by that childish and rude demonstration. But more to the point, such antics have absolutely zero chance of winning over anyone who hasn't made up their mind. They only embarrass the group and make all its followers look stupid by association.

Mr. Novak is not only a tremendously successful business leader, he is someone this community is very proud of.  His philanthropy - both personally and through Yum! - has channeled hundreds of millions to numerous charitable causes.

He's a poor target for the whines of the PETA extremists. And their ridiculous tactics only add to their embarrassment.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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