HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Miami-based solar company is steps closer to building a large-scale solar farm in Cecilia, Kentucky.

The company, ibV Energy Partners, is looking to win over county officials in a meeting scheduled for Thursday.

"We are going to construct this in a responsible manner so that (it) is a project that will last a long time," said Robin Saiz, vice president of Business Development for ibV Energy Partners. "We're excited and this is the next step in the process"

Representatives from ibV will outline the proposed Rhudes Creek Solar Project to the Hardin County Board of Adjustments, and members are expected to vote on a conditional use permit.

"There's going to be information on both sides that everyone can learn from," said Trina Martin, with the Hardin County Citizens for Responsible Solar, a group that's been organized in opposition to the planned solar farm.

The group also plans to plead its case during Thursday's meeting.

"Our county people, the people that are making this decision, they need to see folks there," said Martin. "They need to see we are concerned about this."

The group, along with community members, will ask questions and voice concerns about the solar farm that would eventually spread over nearly 1,000 acres of land around Cecilia.

"Even in the dead of winter it's gorgeous," Martin said about one of the farms in Cecilia. "Can you imagine what it would look like a year from now if it is approved?"

Besides being an eyesore, neighbors have voiced concerns about how the farm could effect property values and taxes, but ibV claims it will actually help with taxes by bringing around $100 million in tax investments to Hardin County.

Beyond Thursday's meeting, ibV will be applying for a certificate of construction from the state siting board. 

"We are working through that process," said Saiz. "We have a couple of meetings coming up next week."

The conditional use permit meeting scheduled for Jan. 6 at the Hardin Fiscal Court in Elizabethtown was canceled due to weather.

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