In this week’s Money Matters segment, WDRB in the Morning looked at what is being done for those returning the workplace.  Sterling Riggs was joined by wealth management advisor Dustin Stanley of Strategic Wealth Designers to discuss what you can and can’t do. Different employers have outlined different sets of guidelines for their employees so far.

“Depending on the size, a lot of employers are allowing unpaid sick time, or some larger employers let you get paid leave as well. With daycares and schools closed, if you cannot work from home, it is possible to get a portion of leave from your employer in many cases,” Stanley says.

There have been a lot of news headlines focusing on those laid off getting more money during unemployment than when they were working for their employer. Stanley explains there can be some negative ramifications for you if you don’t accept your position back when it’s offered. “If you are offered your position back and your refuse it…saying no I’m good, I’m gonna stay home, then it’s possible you could lose your unemployment benefits. At the end of July, the extra $600 benefit is over anyway so it’s probably smart to go ahead and get back to work.”

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