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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It wasn't just people who were sharing love for moms on Mother's Day.

The Purrfect Day Cafe in the Highlands held a special event to honor mom: Meow-ther's Day.

Many families enjoyed treats at the cat cafe Sunday and played with what could possibly be a new member of the family. All the moms who came in received a pink carnation as the business' way to say thanks for all they do.

Through a partnership with the Kentucky Humane Society, all the cats at Purrfect Day are up for adoption. After paying a visitation fee -- $10 for weekdays, $12 for weekends -- customers are allowed 50 minutes with the cats.

"We like to come in here and visit with them," Christie Kreimborg said. "And even though we are not in line for adoption, there is lots of people that come in here, and they end up not being able to say no so they walk out of here with a kitten, which I think is great."

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