LMPD officers on patrol encountered some "wild" animals. Images courtesy of LMPD on Facebook.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sometimes being a police officer can get a little wild, and that was certainly the case for some LMPD officers who had some interesting encounters over the past couple of days.

Suspect No. 1? Jo Jo Bacon.

Officers got a call from someone in Fern Creek who was worried that a wandering, giant pig might get hit. So they made a leash and wrangled the big pig back to safety. Jo Jo has since been adopted.

LMPD Animals_Hog 2.png

Jo Jo Bacon was wandering Fern Creek, when officers were called to get the big pig to safety. Image Courtesy of LMPD on Facebook

And you might remember Spike the Turtle who lives at Wayside Christian Mission. Officers busted Spike jaywalking downtown Thursday. 

But because it was World Turtle Day, they gave him a break and let him off with a warning.

LMPD Animals_Turtle.png

Spike the Turtle, who lives at Wayside Christian Mission, was busted jaywalking downtown. But he got off with a warning! Image courtesy LMPD on Facebook 

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