Is an Independent School Education Best for Your Child?

When your young child is having a difficult time in school, where do you turn? When it seems other classmates are thriving just fine – but your own child is distracted, requires extra attention or isn’t doing as well as you know he or she is capable of – it can be frustrating. An independent special school might be the answer, according to Tony Kemper at The de Paul School.

Here a few ways to tell if your family could benefit from sending your child to a different learning environment.

Your child would likely benefit from a specialized curriculum.

A lot of times, our kids don’t do well in school because the curriculum and its resources are not aligned with their needs. A conventional – or, typical – curriculum may not fully feature all key concepts that a struggling child needs to master.  If this describes your child, an independent special school can help. At The de Paul School, for instance, the faculty and staff are free to define their own curriculum, daily schedule of classes, and teaching culture, rather than adhering to state requirements.

We define our own culture, and mandate a curriculum that presents an optimal environment for children who learn differently,” said Tony Kemper. “Our course of study and what we offer day-to-day are must be tailored to the needs of our kids.”

You appreciate frequent updates about your child.

Many parents want to know how their child is doing in school, and fervently hope that teachers or administrative staff will share the news on a regular basis. If you’re one of these parents, an independent school is likely the answer. Fewer students means more time to chat with you about progress.

“The accountability that an independent school has is incredible,” Kemper remarked. “Communication with parents has to be vibrant and sincere – we serve our families.”

Your child learns better in a multi-sensory environment.

Worksheets, lengthy seatwork assignments, and dry lecture do not present the learning environment that is most conducive to your child’s success. Perhaps other ways of learning, such as group work or hands-on activities, could make all the difference for him or her. An independent specialized school can offer many more multi-sensory (hands-on and active) experiences.

“Each classroom at de Paul is highly organized, multi-sensory, attention based and practice rich – a perfect formula for students who learn through all of their senses,” Kemper said.

You and your child prefer teachers who think outside the box.

The saying is true – teachers matter a lot when it comes a child’s success in the classroom. And independent schools such as The de Paul School are able to hand-select faculty members with superior and specific training… with talents that will connect with students with distinct gifts.

“We hire committed educators who can deliver our culture and methodology,” said Kemper. “Each member of our faculty embraces our philosophy of instruction, and that’s evident each class period. And parents notice that; they see that our classrooms are congruent and each is a part of an impressive whole school.”

If you’re interested in finding out if independent education is right for your child, visit or call (502)459-6131 for more information.