4 Ways Shade Trees Benefit the Planet and Your Pocketbook

Shade trees can add to the natural beauty of your property, protect your home from the wind, cut your air conditioning costs and even do their part to make our air breathable. But there is a downside to surrounding your home with stately oaks and majestic maples. Their leaves, twigs, limbs, fruits and nuts end up clogging your home’s gutters, which means you’ll be up on a ladder on a regular basis removing the debris so your gutters can do their job.

That doesn’t have to be the case, however.

“That’s where our expertise comes in,” says Mike Pearce, general manager of Gutter Helmet by Classic, which has been serving its customers in Kentucky and Indiana for over 35 years. “Gutter Helmet is an engineered product with several patents, and it’s proven to keep your gutters safe and flowing year-round.”

So keep loving those shade trees without condition. Here are four ways they increase the value of your home and the health of Planet Earth.

1. Curb appeal

Thoughtful landscaping does wonders for the value of your home. If you are selling your house, a magnificent tree in your front yard could very well make the difference between a potential buyer stopping to take a look or driving by. The same can be said of your debris-free gutters, if your home and gutters are protected by Gutter Helmet which acts as a shield that allows debris to fall harmlessly to the ground rather than clog your gutter.

“It’s colored to match your roof, not your gutter,” said Richard Lomerson, owner of Gutter Helmet by Classic. “When it’s on your home, it’s almost invisible."

2. Energy savings

Trees provide shade in the summer and insulation against the cold during the winter months. An array of shade trees around your house can lower its temperature by as much as 20 degrees during the summer. This effect can reduce home heating and cooling bills year-round.

3. Protection from the elements

Trees help protect your home from snow, sleet and hail and serve as a barrier against the sound of passing vehicles and other noise. Shade trees also provide a canopy of lovely scenery, blocking out the mundane views of the street, your driveway or whatever else resides out your windows.

4. Environmental factors

Trees enhance the oxygen supply and help produce breathable air for all of us, and they also can absorb, change and contain various contaminants.

As beautiful and useful as trees are, they can cause problems – but only if you let them. As long as the rainfall runs smoothly through your gutters – spring, summer, fall and winter – you won’t have to worry about standing water damaging your gutters, soffits and other areas of your home.

“Once Gutter Helmet is installed, you’ll never have to worry again,” says Lomerson. “Gutter Helmet is unique to the market. It’s proven to do what it says it’s going to do, and the material, labor and finish all are covered under our triple lifetime warranty.”

“And we’ll keep the homeowner off that dangerous ladder, where he shouldn’t be,” he says.

In most cases, your home is your most valuable investment. Are you interested in learning more about how to protect it from potential water damage year-round? Visit GutterHelmetbyClassic.com or call 502-671-6949 for more information.