LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- To celebrate national "Petal It Forward" Day, a local floral shop handed out free flowers Wednesday throughout Louisville.

Nanz & Kraft Florists passed out two bundles to every person so they could keep one for themselves while keeping the kindness going by giving the other to someone else.

The company said it has participated in the nationwide movement since it started six years ago and keeps coming back each year because of the joy flowers can bring.

"I hope the person working the sandwich counter across the street gets one," said David Kraft, president of Nanz & Kraft. "I hope the person working the cash register, I hope that your friend next door or your wife or your mom or your dad — anyone you hand a flower to — is going to have a great day."

Kraft said hundreds of bundles of flowers were passed out Wednesday downtown, in St. Matthews and in Shively.

"Petal It Forward" was started by the Society of American Florists as a way to spread positivity and "highlight the emotional benefits of receiving flowers."

SAF said 88% of Americans say giving flowers makes them feel happy, while 80% said  receiving flowers makes them feel happy, according to a survey of more than 2,500 Americans across the country. The survey also showed 76% of Americans agreed that their moods are improved by having flowers in their homes or offices.

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