You’re not supposed to kick someone when they are down, but bullies don’t abide by those standards. The NCAA has released new findings from their investigation into the University of Louisville basketball program. Two Adidas representatives, an ousted assistant coach, a fired associate coach, and Rick Pitino, are the alleged offenders this time. There are two common themes here.

One, the NCAA is targeting Louisville for violations committed by people that never were or are no longer at the school. And two, U of L did everything in their power to eradicate the problem and the wrong doers.

President Neeli Bendapudi and the university are standing up and pushing back against the collegiate regulatory body. They rightfully want evidence of the supposed wrong doings, not just interpretations. The NCAA looks like it wants to make an example of the Cardinals. They should make this a positive example. They should stop punishing student athletes who had nothing to do with these allegations.

I’m not saying U of L wasn’t in the wrong. They did employ people who allegedly broke the rules. Louisville has already dismissed those participants. The NCAA must choose to let U of L move forward or continue to bully and pick on the innocent.

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