German and Williams

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Before February 2017, Delphi, Indiana, was a town between Indianapolis and Chicago few people knew about.

Two years can really change things.

"All that has happened here, and all of the sadness associated with this county is unacceptable," Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said.

The small community was propelled into the national spotlight after two girls were killed while on a hike.

"Somebody knows who this murderer is," Carter said.

It seems Libby German and Abby Williams knew their attacker's intentions. German snapped a picture and even recorded his voice.

There is nothing their families and neighbors want more than answers. However, just like the day all the officers and investigators rushed to the scene, the killer remains on the run.

"I'm confident that if he's listening in, or if she's listening in, that at some point, I'll be sitting across from you in the courtroom," said Carroll County, Indiana, Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland.

"I hope that I am able to stare him in the eye and ask him why," Carter added.

ISP and McLeland used the somber anniversary Wednesday to renew their commitment to the case and to reach out to the public again for tips.

"Any bit of information that someone has, they need to call in and give us," McLeland said. "That could be the missing piece that we need to solve this thing."

If there is new evidence, a person or interest or a new path investigators are taking, they aren't sharing it.

Delphi's darkest day and biggest mystery remains unsolved.

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