LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Flooding is a big concern along the Ohio River and Utica, Indiana, has a new tool to get ready.

A machine called "The Sandbagger" can fill four sandbags with sand at a time. Officials planned to fill 1,000 bags on Monday.

Utica residents can come to the town square to get them.

It's just one way for them to fight back after the town was devastated by flooding last February.

"People should always remember: now is the time for action," said Curtis Wells, Utica's emergency manager. "Don't wait until the water is up around your house. And if you're out driving and there's high water on the road, the saying to remember is "Don't drown. Turn around."

The river has already spilled into Duffy's Landing on Utica Pike in Jeffersonville. The road is closed in that area.

In New Albany, the Ohio River is predicted to hit 55-feet on Tuesday and put the city at flood stage.  Crews are activating two pumping stations on Monday evening. Two more pumping stations are schedule to be turned on Wednesday. 

Old Ford Road at Armstrong Road is expected to be closed on Tuesday because of high water. Based on current predictions, the Ohio River is expected to crest at 61-feet on Friday. 

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