Resident horse at Derby Museum

Resident horse at Derby Museum

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Since the days of black and white TV, the horse has fascinated the world. On the track with racing greats, and off with television shows like "Mr. Ed."

So much has changed, yet so much stays the same. The Kentucky Derby Museum's resident horses bring in big crowds.

"Our tours a lot of times, they'll end back here," said Rickelle Nelson from the Kentucky Derby Museum.

"I think this is just fantastic," said tourist Joann Brown about the experience. "It's just such an amazing opportunity," added her daughter, Bailey.

Equine enthusiasts may recognize the resident thoroughbred and his story.

"He was bought at a yearling auction for $2,500, and ended up winning $760,000," explained Nelson.

His name is Far Right. He finished just behind American Pharoah in the 2015 Arkansas Derby. Far Right finished 15th in that year's Kentucky Derby.

"It's the most prestigious race in the world for 3-year-olds to get into, so just to get into it is an amazing thing," Nelson said.

Don't let his long face fool you, he's enjoying retirement under the Twine Spires with his "mane man" and companion, Tatanka.

The pinto pony is a bit of a show stealer, but any time he gets too big for his britches, Far Right is there to bring him back to reality.

"They like to chase each other," said Nelson.

The odd couple hangs out behind the Derby Museum, and often helps human couples get their relationships out of the gate, with a proposal.

"We've done like four of them so far this spring," explained Nelson. "We do get a lot of calls for it."

Is there a more "Kentucky proposal?"

"I mean Kentucky is all about their horses."

It was back in the day, it is now, and it will be forever.

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