Mark Handy in court

Mark Handy testifies Tuesday, Aug. 6.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A former Louisville police detective accused of framing several men for killings they didn't commit refused to answer any questions about one of the cases Tuesday. 

Mark Handy is accused of not turning over evidence and altering witnesses' statements during the course of a least three murder investigations. 

Keith West was accused of murdering two men in cold blood in west Louisville in 1992. The lead investigator on the case was Handy. Attorneys for West are petitioning to get his record from the case thrown out because of Handy's alleged actions during the course of that investigation. 

West doesn't dispute that he killed the men. Instead, he claims he was acting in self-defense because the men kidnapped him and were going to rape him. West eventually took an Alford plea in the case to charges of manslaughter and was sentenced to seven years in prison. An Alford plea means that West pleaded guilty but maintained his innocence. 

Handy was subpoenaed to testify in the hearing to overturn the plea Tuesday. However, Handy exercised his Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself and refused to answer any questions. 

"My attorney has advised I am not permitted to answer questions because of pending criminal litigation," Handy said in response to all of attorney Elliot Slosar's questions.

Handy is facing criminal charges for allegedly lying during a different murder trial involving Edwin Chandler who was ultimately awarded $8.5 million because of his wrongful conviction.

Brian Butler, an attorney who is representing Handy in the criminal matters, objected to Handy being called as a witness Tuesday saying that he was worried about the "circus" it might create to have Handy questioned and refuse to answer those questions.

To this point, a special prosecutor in the case has made very few arguments in as to why the manslaughter charges should remain on West's records. 

The case will be back in court on Sept. 19, when it is expected that special prosecutor Terry Geoghegan will question West and argue why the Alford plea should stand. 

Judge Olu Stevens will make the ultimate decision on West's petition. 

This story may be updated. 

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