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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The court-ordered mediation between the NCAA and five members of the 2013 University of Louisville basketball team who sued in an attempt to "clear names" and restore the team's national title was "unsuccessful," according to the mediator.

In October, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens ordered the mediation between the two sides, which occurred on Jan. 28.

Peter D. Palmer, a New Albany mediator, filed a report to Stevens on Feb. 1, saying both sides met at a Louisville law firm but an agreement to resolve the claims was not reached. Palmer could not be immediately reached for comment.

Both sides were ordered to pay their own cost for the mediation.

The University of Louisville is not a plaintiff in the action.

Stevens ordered that the lawsuit would be brought to a halt while the mediation took place and would resume if the mediation was deemed unsuccessful. 

One of the players, Luke Hancock, said in a recent radio interview on 93.9 The Ville that this was the first time the NCAA has been ordered into mediation. While saying that attorneys had instructed him not to talk about the mediation, Hancock said the situation was "fluid. We’re still working. It's not going to be a short process."

There are no new hearing dates in the court file.

Besides Hancock, the other players involved in the lawsuit are Gorgui Dieng, Stephan Van Treese, Tim Henderson and Michael Marra.

The title and banner were stripped from U of L as part of penalties handed down from the NCAA over stripper parties and escorts for players and recruits that occurred from 2010 to 2014. The players' lawsuit demanded the NCAA restore that title, and issue a declaration that the players, "did not engage in striptease dances, prostitution and tipping of strippers as implied."

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