LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Louisville-based Papa John’s International continued its recovery with a healthy 24% bump in sales at U.S. and Canadian restaurants, the company’s fifth-straight quarter of gains relative a year earlier.

But Wall Street analysts pressed executives Thursday about a slowdown in the rate of sales growth in the last few months compared to earlier in the pandemic.

Papa John’s and other delivery- and take-out-food providers have gotten a boost as people avoid traditional restaurants. But that “tailwind” isn’t as strong as earlier in the year, CEO Rob Lynch told analysts on a call Thursday.

“In the industry in general, people have gotten a little more comfortable leaving their homes ... There is, at some point, going to be a deceleration in this business. The question is, how much of it can we hold onto?” Lynch said.

He argued that Papa John’s has laid the foundation to keep about 8 million new customers it’s gained during 2020 coming back.

“We are increasing our (sales) ticket averages through innovation,” Lynch said, referring to new menu items like “Papadia” sandwiches.

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Papa John's said it no longer needs to provide temporary support, like a break on royalties, to keep franchisees afloat. The company said Thursday it will give about $75 million back to shareholders by repurchasing its own stock. 

In a blow to Louisville, Papa John’s said in September that it would establish a new “global headquarters” in metro Atlanta, where Lynch and many of the company’s top executives will be based.

Lynch told analysts the move would cost about $15 million to $20 million, but would prove to be a good investment in the long run.

“This is about restructuring our organization in such a way that will allow us to most productively and efficiently drive shareholder value,” he said.

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