Pets scared by Thunder Over Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thunder Over Louisville isn't always such a celebration for pets.

To help prepare pets for the fireworks, the Kentucky Humane Society released seven tips for owners on Tuesday:

Keep pets indoors. Experts say pets have a heightened sense of hearing, so the loud "booming" noise caused by fireworks can make pets panic and want to hide. A quiet walk just before or just after the festivities begin can go far toward keeping them calm.

Place your pet in a quiet room. During the fireworks display, place your pet in a room or crate far away from any doors or windows. Close windows or curtains to muffle the sound of the fireworks. You can also turn on a radio, television or fan to calm your pet.

Consult your veterinarian. Owners may want to talk to their pet's veterinarian about prescribing a mild sedative to ease their pet's stress.

Make sure your pet wears a collar with an identification tag at all times, even if the pet only lives indoors. The ID tag should include the owner's current address and phone number. Microchipping is also important, in case the pet's collar or tag is lost.

Never let pets outside during fireworks. Even having your dog on a leash may not prevent him from escaping during fireworks displays.

Distract your nervous pet. If pets exhibit uncharacteristic behavior, such as incessant pacing pacing, crying or whining, owners should help distract them through play, long-lasting treats or another indoor activity your pet enjoys.

Clean up debris from fireworks before letting pets outside. Debris can cause digestive problems or serious injuries if it is eaten by pets. Owners should contact their veterinarian immediately if their pets have been exposed to any potentially toxic or poisonous substances.

Anyone seeking more information can call the Kentucky Humane Society's free Pet Help Line at 502-509-4738 or CLICK HERE.

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