Louisville Metro Animal Services now says a pack of dogs was spotted near a farm where eight llamas were killed. (WDRB Photo)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Janice Lawson has lived along Schuff Lane off Newburg Road for years.

"We love it around here," she said. "It's peaceful. It's tranquil. We have country in the city."

But for now, in her neighborhood near the Louisville Zoo, Lawson is troubled by what could be lurking outside after a bloodbath earlier in the week.

"Complete shock, sadness," she said succinctly.

Early Monday morning, eight llamas at a farm in the neighborhood were attacked and killed by dogs, a coyote or something else. A veterinarian who examined the llamas called the wounds "canine in nature." Lawson believes she heard the attack from her nearby home.

"Very fierce, ferocious, unusual," she said. "It definitely sounded like a minimum of two dogs. It wasn't just one dog barking."

Friday afternoon, Louisville Metro Animal Services released new clues that suggest a pack of dogs may have been the culprit, since three of them were recently spotted near the farm.

"I don't know where the dogs came from, but they were pretty good size to take down a 500-pound llama," said John Miller, who also lives in the neighborhood.

Luckily for Miller, his dog Duke is an indoor dog, except for occasional walks on a neighborhood trail.

"We do watch out the windows more and look back over our back fence just to see if we see anything, but we've not noticed anything," Miller said.

But Jack Cullen and his Silky Terrier, Yogi, have definitely changed their routines.

"It's just scary," Cullen said. "Like, we're all kind of scared, I guess, to go out at night."

Lawson and her dog are in the same predicament.

"Definitely have my guard up when I go outside," she said. "I'm refraining from taking my dog out during the night. When I do take him out, I'm keeping him very close to the door."

LMAS is asking anyone who may have seen a pack of stray dogs near Schuff Lane to report sightings by calling 574-LMPD.

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