Deon Mucker

Deon Mucker (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Complaints about an Amazon delivery driver landed him in jail and a customer at the bottom of a staircase.

Police say Deon Mucker was working as a contractor for Amazon, though he'd actually been hired by a third party company. Nonetheless, court records say a female customer called Amazon to complain about his behavior during the initial delivery on Friday.

"He was making inappropriate comments," said Det. John Ramsey of the Louisville Metro Police Department. "He asked to come inside and get a drink, stuff like that. He tried to hug her — did hug her — and there was some inappropriate physical contact."

As a result, Mucker was fired.

"She'd never met him," Ramsey said. "Only lived in the neighborhood a few months. So this was definitely a bad surprise for them."

On Monday, police said Mucker went back to the woman's front door.

"She shut the door and said, 'I'm calling the police,'" Ramsey said. "She went to grab her phone off the counter, and he came in through the open garage door into the home, trying to take the phone away from her. That's when the physical altercation ensued over the phone. They both fell down the garage stairs. She had minor injures, and he left with the phone."

Police said the incident happened at a home on Blade Crest Court in the Little Springs subdivision. However, they're not identifying the victim and are withholding the address.

"She's obviously terrified," Ramsey said. "Anyone would be."

Knocks on the door of Mucker's home went unanswered on Thursday.

Police say the stolen phone ended up at his mother's house.

Mucker was indicted Thursday, charged with felony burglary, robbery, intimidation and misdemeanor charge of sexual abuse.

"This behavior is unacceptable," Amazon Spokesman Ernesto Apreza said. "The driver was immediately removed from our service. We are working with our delivery service partner and law enforcement as they investigate, and we've reached out to the customer to offer our support."

Mucker was arrested and released form jail  Wednesday, but with Thursday's indictment, there's a new warrant out for his arrest.

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