Angry Jeff Hoover says effort to have him expelled from Ky. House is politically motivated

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Tuesday afternoon, an angry Jeff Hoover again denied accusations of sexual harassment and said the the effort to get rid of him is politically motivated.

Hoover now stands at the rear of the House Chamber, no longer running things from the Speaker's lectern -- and after Monday's fiery speech in which he resigned as the House leader, he says he is "relieved" and feels "really good."

But Hoover says he does not feel so good about the circumstances that led to his resignation, and he continues to deny sexually harassing a female aid.

"It was consensual," Hoover said. "It was inappropriate -- and I've admitted that in front of God and you all numerous times, and in front of everybody else."

He said he made the decision to resign because of a caucus that is divided by a group of eight House members who have filed formal charges seeking to have Hoover expelled. That group is led by Rep. Phil Moffett of Louisville.

"It's against me politically, because he's made it no secret he wants to Speaker someday," Hoover said. "That's what it is."

But Moffett denies any political motivation and says Hoover must take responsibility for his actions.

"The only reason we're doing this is because of what he did," Moffett said. "And what he did was inappropriate -- it was beneath the office."

Hoover says he wants to get back to work, but whether any work will get done in the midst of what appears to be a Republican civil war in the House remains to be seen.

"So I've expressed to them my willingness to work together, and I've told them that," Hoover said. "And they didn't respond, and they don't have to respond. There's nothing else that I can do."

Hoover says he will run for re-election to his seat.

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