Anxiety over child abduction attempts leads to misunderstanding in Northfield

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Heightened awareness about attempted child abductions has led to a big misunderstanding for Northfield Police. LMPD says there was no attempted abduction Monday night, even though Northfield city officials sent out an alert about one.

The city has been on edge after there were two recent verified abduction attempts in Norton Commons involving a white man and woman in a black SUV.

On Monday night, Northfield city officials issued an alert that said there was another attempted child abduction, this one near "Worthington and KY-22." Northfield residents were told to keep their kids safe and report suspicious activity to 911.

Northfield's Police Chief says the Northfield Mayor wrote the alert message, even though it wasn't within the confines of Worthington, only near it. The Chief says his department released information from the Louisville Metro Police Department and passed it along to residents.

The Northfield Chief says one Northfield officer even spoke to residents Monday night in the neighborhoods, alerting them of the attempted abduction nearby. That had residents sharing the alert and concerned about safety.

But LMPD says the information Northfield Police released was incorrect. The department says there was no attempted abduction Monday night. Instead, LMPD says it was called about a vehicle matching the Norton Commons description at about 8 p.m.  LMPD says the call was about a vehicle at Featherbell Boulevard and Kings Crown Drive in Norton Commons. Police checked it out and the vehicle actually belonged to a family living in Norton Commons. LMPD says they have no reason to believe that family is in any way connected to the attempted abductions.

The public is still urged to keep an eye out for the "white man and woman in a black SUV" who were involved in the attempted abductions in Norton Commons. LMPD says there have been over a dozen calls about vehicles and people matching this description. So far, those tips have not led to the correct vehicles or suspects.

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