Around a dozen new businesses set up shop in Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- It may have just opened Thursday morning, but business inside the new Chillburger along Veterans Parkway is sizzling. Burgers, salads and ice cream brought hungry customers to the new Veterans Crossing shopping area by the droves.

"We've been slammed," owner Derek Young said. "There's been a line since we opened the door. People were waiting in the parking lot."

Chillburger is one of about a dozen new businesses to open up shop in Veterans Crossing.

"Everyone has been very excited about how Clarksville decided to lay this out," Young said.

First Watch, Mission BBQ, Sleep Number and Starbucks are all right there with it.

"It's a mixed bag of everything that you would need in a community our size," Clarksville Town Manager Kevin Baity said.

"It really feels like a Shelbyville Road," Young said, referencing the busy stretch of St. Matthews across the river.

That was kind of the point when the town of Clarksville decided to sell what used to just be green space in front of the police department.

"This was property that the town owned for a number of years, whenever they came out and bought this entire complex, before this area even developed," Baity said.

It took about $30 million to get the restaurants and shops up and running, and the work is not done yet. Outback Steakhouse will move from its current spot near Lewis and Clark Parkway to Veterans Crossing. Corehouse Eatery is also set to claim its place.

"It's a healthy food alternative built much like on the Panera Bread scheme," Baity said of Corehouse.

It will all keep business moving for places like Chillburger. And it will solidify Veterans Parkway as southern Indiana's shopping corridor.

Two hotels are also under construction near Veterans Parkway right now, and there's already talk of adding a couple more.

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