Madison hostage suspects

(Images courtesy of Jefferson County Indiana Sheriff's Department)

MADISON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Eight people were arrested after a theft investigation led to a six-hour standoff in southern Indiana on Friday.

"I realize how bad it was whenever they started suiting up and started pulling out their weapons,” said Tim Butler, who lives next door.

Butler watched and listened as Indiana State Police surrounded his apartment building.

"They were saying, you know, 'come out with your hands up,'" Butler said.

Police were looking for a man suspected of stealing weapons out of Deputy, Indiana, as part of a theft investigation that was reported on Feb. 7. Their investigation led them to a home on Taft Drive on Friday around 6 p.m.

One of the men, 39-year-old Joshua Moreno, of Madison, Indiana ran from officer and went inside an apartment.

"That's where it evolved into a different situation," said Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen Wheeles.

Authorities say Moreno held at least four people against their will inside the apartment. The Indiana State Police SWAT Team and hostage negotiators came to the scene. A search warrant was also obtained for the apartment.

"Eventually, we made contact with someone inside that apartment, ah, who said that they were not being allowed to leave,” Sgt. Wheeles said.

Police say at about 10 p.m., four people were released from the apartment. At around midnight, all the people who were still inside the apartment came out and surrendered to police.

Sgt. Wheeles said officers then backed off and talked to the suspect.

”A hostage situation isn't something you can just ram the door down and go and run in there," he said.

But after several hours, there was a breakthrough.

”The original hostages were released and then eventually the suspect and the other people in the apartment did eventually come out,” said Sgt. Wheeles.

Moreno was arrested and charged with four counts of kidnapping, four counts of criminal confinement, one count of burglary and one count of resisting law enforcement.

Police also arrested seven additional people:

- Jeremy Mikesell, 31, of Madison, Indiana on charges of parole violation, possession of paraphernalia and receiving stolen property

- Devan Hall, 33, of Madison, Indiana, on a charge of receiving stolen property

- Olivia Gayle, 19, of Madison, Indiana, on charges of assisting a criminal, resisting law enforcement and possession of paraphernalia

- Dahlila Jester, 20, Rylee Mahoney, 22, Robert McGaughey, 31, and Ezra Engle, 18, all of Madison, Indiana, were all arrested on charges of assisting a criminal and resisting law enforcement.

All of the suspects were taken to the Jefferson County Jail and will be held until their initial court appearances, according to police.

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