Authorities investigating after 15-year-old drowns in Meade County

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities have identified a 15-year-old who was pulled from the Ohio River after he drowned in Meade County Saturday night.

According to the Meade County Coroner's office, that teen has been identified as Roger Pool III, of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

A Meade County dispatcher says a call was received Saturday just after 6:30 p.m. at the Wolf Creek Boat Ramp.

Lt. Ed Mahurin, with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, helped in the rescue efforts. He said the situation is heartbreaking and a tragic loss for that family. The teenager was days away from his 16th birthday.

Mahurin said the boy was swimming near the docks when for unknown reasons he was having difficulties and went under.

"He hollered, 'Help!'" Mahurin said. "Hollered 'Help!' a second time. A man up on the shore ran down. And he said by the time he got down to the water, the young man had already gone under water and had not come up."

Two people in the area tried to save him, but were unable to find him once underwater. 

Rescue workers recovered his body after searching for nearly four hours. Mahurin said the water was about 26-feet deep where he was found.

Following the accident, officials are stressing the importance of water safety and the use of life jackets. The teen boy was not wearing a life vest. However, Mahurin said, two other young children swimming in the water at the same time were wearing life vests.

"Life jackets have your back," emphasized Mahurin. "And they really do. Most drownings can be avoided by having a personal flotation device, a life jacket."

He added, "If you have young children, you know, watch them around the water. Young children seem to be drawn towards it. They can run and get away from you before you know it."

Wolf Creek Fire Department was the lead on the search. Payneville Fire Department, Battle Town Fire Department, Meade County Fire Rescue, and the Louisville Metro Dive Team assisted in the recovery efforts. 

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