Bardstown High School teacher accused of having sexual relationship with several students

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local teacher is accused of having sexual relationships with several of her students.

The woman is a teacher at Bardstown High School, and while the Bardstown Police Department is investigating, they still have not heard from parents of the alleged victims or school officials.

"We just became aware of this this morning at about 9 a.m." said interim Bardstown Police Chief McKenzie Mattingly. "No one has ever called us."

Chief Mattingly says he's trying to get to the bottom of the disturbing allegation against a local teacher.

"There's allegations that she has been involved with ... some minors who are students at the Bardstown school," Chief Mattingly said.

He says the teacher, or former teacher, is accused of having sexual contact with several students.

"I can't give you any answers of why they didn't call us ... other than to say that, we've never been called ... not by the school system, not by any of the parents," Chief Mattingly said.

 Police do know that child protective services started looking into the case last month. The Nelson County Sheriff's Department was then contacted.

We have the teachers name but we are not releasing it until she has been charged. We contacted the Bardstown High School principal and district superintendent, but both had left for the day.

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