Bardstown Police identify suspect, officers involved in Sunday police shooting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Monday morning, officials released more information about an incident in Bardstown Sunday that left police officers hurt, cruisers destroyed and a suspect shot. Authorities have identified the suspect as 25-year-old John Fenwick.

They say it all started when Bardstown Police Officer Kyler Wright tried to pull Fenwick over after seeing him make a reckless turn at around 9 a.m. Sunday. 

"At the same time, the driver was hanging out of the window yelling at the officer," said Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin. 

Police say the red pick up truck he was driving had been stolen from a local dealership earlier in the morning, but authorities didn't know that at the time. 

Officials say Fenwick led the officer on a short chase before coming to a stop on Parkway Drive. As Officer Wright was getting out of his car, police say Fenwick put the truck into reverse, pinning the officer.

Authorities say Fenwick then accelerated, and Wright shot at him several times before the suspect pulled away.

"Just up the road, he encountered a Nelson County deputy sheriff," McCubbin said. "He struck that vehicle at an intentional high rate of speed, with such speed that that vehicle immediately burst into flames. The deputy was able to get out of that vehicle. The vehicle then fled that scene."

Authorities say that encounter was with Sgt. Jason Allison of the Nelson County Sheriff's Office. They say the suspect next faced Deputy Brian Voils, who got him out of the truck. Police say Fenwick tried to disarm Voils, so the deputy also fired his weapon.

All of the officers involved are okay. Fenwick was airlifted to University Hospital. 

The Nelson County Sheriff's office says within the 24 hours before the shooting, they were contacted about Fenwick's mental state. 

"My deputies stated he was coherent," said Sheriff Ed Mattingly. "He was calm when they spoke with him, didn't have any aggression about him and he was taking his medicine." 

Police say Fenwick is currently in serious but stable condition at University Hospital. 

Fenwick's family issued a statement through their attorney Monday evening:

Keith Sparks of McCoy & Sparks, PLLC has been retained to represent John Fenwick's family regarding the events of Sunday, May 10, 2015. On behalf of Mr. Fenwick's family, I release the following statement based upon the limited information currently available:

We are all saddened by the events of Sunday morning. Mr. Fenwick is currently being treated for critical wounds that he received from being shot. His family is praying that he survives.

His family can confirm that they had been in contact with law enforcement throughout the weekend asking for help for their son. Unfortunately, the system does not accommodate these situations very well, and his family was told that nothing could be done until Monday morning. Mr. Fenwick's condition continued ton deteriorate to the point where this occurred.

I cannot go into details about his medical condition, but suffice it to say taht he was suffering from a condition and the authorities were made aware of this by his family. There is no evidence of the involvement of illegal drug use as may have been referenced in some earlier reports.

Mr. Fenwick's family appreciate many in the law enforcement community that tried to help, and are praying for the recovery of any officers that were injured. They also want to thank those in the community for the support that they are receiving.

As to the specifics of the event and shooting, they have no further comment until the evidence is disclosed. All that I can say at this juncture is that this incident has much more to do with someone in the midst of a personal health crisis than it does with the types of violent crime that are happening elsewhere.

The family has no further comment and asks that the media respect their privacy.

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