Bardstown Police replacing guns after dangerous defects found

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dangerous defects were found on the guns that Bardstown Police Officers carry with them on a daily basis.

Hairline fractures appeared on 12 guns, which were immediately taken out of commission. That's nearly half of the weapons of the 27-man department and Captain Tom Roby says it's a serious concern.

“At one point the gun would actually fall apart,” said Cpt. Roby.

The issue was discovered on the Glock model 23s during recent training practices. Those guns were purchased back in 2000.

“It's a hairline crack, Roby said. "But with a little pressure you could spread it open. And .40 caliber is a high pressure handgun.”

Cpt. Roby said, over the years that pressure adds up. He said officers continually train with their weapons. Many even practice shooting on their off days.

“What people don't understand is police weapons take a lot of abuse,” said Cpt. Roby.

After about 15 years of wear and tear, the police department will receive $12,000 from the city. That money will be used to purchase new guns after the severity of the cracks was demonstrated to council members.

“Once the last round is fired, the action should be to lock back. In this case it wouldn't lock back and then basically the slide would fall off the front of the barrel if you tipped it down,” said Roby.

The guns will be sent back to Glock for repair and possibly be resold. In the meantime, twelve of the officers have to make do without their standard weapon.

“Some officers like myself are carrying a personal weapon until we can get them replaced,” said Cpt. Roby.

Other officers are using the department's spare weapons. 

In total, 30 guns will be purchased to replace all officer weapons, but the department is still deciding which type of gun to buy. Bardstown PD may change from .40 caliber to 9mm handguns because Cpt. Roby said they carry more ammunition and have less recoil. 

Once the guns arrive officers will be trained on their new weapons. The department hopes to have its new guns in the next couple of weeks.

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