Louisville Water Company headquarters in downtown Louisville. June 26, 2020 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Louisville Water Company is issuing a warning to customers about a person posing as a company employee and knocking on doors.

Kelley Dearing Smith, vice president of communications for LWC, said the company received reports around the holidays of a person claiming to be with the water company and trying to gain access inside their homes. Dearing Smith said this was very concerning, because Louisville Water does not want any of its customers taken advantage of.

Dearing Smith said there are some red flags to look out for in order to identify if someone is posing as a Louisville Water employee.

“If someone shows up at your door claiming to work for the water company, that’s a red flag," she said. "We work for Louisville Water. You would never hear our employees say ‘the water company.'"

A LWC employee would also not ask to come inside. Louisville Water’s responsibility stops at the water meter at the property line. Dearing Smith said there is never a reason for an employee to come inside a home to check water usage or look for a leak.

It should also be a red flag if someone is asking for money at the door or over the phone.

“They’ll say, ‘You need to give me money right now,' or 'I’m here to turn off your water.’ That is absolutely something we would not ever, ever do," Dearing Smith said. "We do not show up at your home to collect money for your water bill."

A way to double check if someone approaching your home is official is to ask for identification. All Louisville Water employees will have identification badges and will drive marked vehicles. Contractors will also have official Louisville Water logos on their vehicles.

Dearing Smith said if anyone notices any suspicious behavior by someone claiming to work for Louisville Water, call the police and then report it to LWC by calling 502-583-6610.

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