Simmons College of Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A forum held Friday evening at a local college brought together the Black members of Louisville Metro Council.

Simmons College of Kentucky hosted the virtual forum "Black Politics 101." Students submitted questions for the councilmembers in advance.

Much of the event's focus centered on addressing systemic inequities in the city, ranging from economic to health, education and justice.

There was also a push for the seven Black Metro Council members to draft a united agenda to address these challenges.

Black Politics 101-Simmons College seminar.jpeg

"What would happen if all seven of us said 'This needs to stop,' or 'This needs to be enforced,'" Jecorey Arthur, D-4, said. "Politicians do what you allow them to do. Whether you are thinking from the constituents' perspective, or from our perspective looking at the mayor's office. We got to link up and build power and right now, it's like we're all singing solos. What would happen if we created a choir? It would have so much more power than us singing individually in our own district."

Simmons is the only private, historically Black college in Louisville. Its president, Reverend Dr. Kevin Cosby, served as the forum's moderator.

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