Board of Elections reports 'slow but steady' turnout for primary in Metro Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Board of Elections says turnout has been steady but slow for Tuesday's primary election.

Part of the reason is the weather, but motivation may also be a factor.

At Bellarmine University, a light-but-steady stream of Democratic voters was driven to the polls by the hot presidential primary race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

"Voting for Bernie. Yep, came out to vote for Bernie in the primary," one couple told WDRB News.

"I am a Hillary fan," said another.

But for the Republican poll workers, there was a lot of free time.

"It's just a shame we don't more people out to vote, though. Because a lot of times, you get a very small minority of people electing the person that wins," said Republican voter Bill Hyden. 

Hyden was one of the few Republican voters who had arrived at the polling place by midday.

"I only voted for three people: Rand Paul and a judge, and maybe one Metro Council person," said Hyden.

Republicans held their presidential caucus back in March. So, while there were other races, for the first time in memory, there was no presidential primary on the ballot.

"It was my first caucus, and I was interested to see what it was like, but I would prefer the primary," said Cathy Bannon.

"Yeh, it wasn't a lot to choose from today. It was just three different votes," said Claire Burklow.

It's tough to draw conclusions from just two precincts, but GOP leaders are watching to see if the caucus will affect GOP voter turnout.

"You're not going to have a big turnout in primaries. It's just historically the case," said Republican Central Committee member Jack Richardson.

Richardson, who supports the caucus, does not believe it will drive turnout even lower than usual.

Primaries, he points out, attract the party's core supporters.

"This being new, obviously, there could be some impact. I'm not expecting it to really be any different because, again, we're talking about the informed voter, the voter that's motivated," he said.

Turnout for the GOP caucus was about 20 percent. That is about what's expected overall statewide for the primary.

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