BOZICH | The 10 Questions U of L, UK, IU & WKU football must answer

By Rick Bozich

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There is risk when I say I can find almost anything I am looking for in college football ratings. Everything is Alabama, Alabama, Alabama.

But there is less risk is making that statement when I advise you I uncovered a college football rating that has Tom Allen’s unbeaten Indiana team ranked third -- nationally, not in the Big Ten. (the link.)

That would be third behind Alabama and Mississippi State in the computer ratings cooked up by Ken Stromness at

Stay with me, especially everybody in Lexington because that is a computer power poll that also has Kentucky ranked 14th, ahead of Georgia (16), Virginia Tech (24), Auburn (35) and Louisville (51). The Wildcats are only one spot behind Ohio State.

As far as I can tell, Stromness does not live in Bloomington nor Lexington. He describes himself as a BYU fan who attended the University of Utah and earned a degree in mathematics with an emphasis on statistics. His rankings are the result of his twin loves of sports and math.

You can find whatever you like for every team. Just visit, a site that shared the numbers from 49 different rankings this morning. 

For the record, Alabama was ranked first in 43 of 49 polls. One formula put the Crimson Tide as low as fourth, behind Oklahoma, Ohio State and Central Florida.

Here are local highlights I pulled from the numbers.

LOUISVILLE (54 in the 49-poll Massey Composite, one behind BYU, one ahead of Army)

Massey: 37

Billingsley: 59

Tempo Free Gridiron: 37

Sagarin Predictor: 53


Best: 22 --

Worst: 95 --

KENTUCKY (34 Massey Composite, one behind Minnesota, one ahead of Texas)

Massey: 36

Billingsley: 28

Tempo Free Gridiron: 57

Sagarin Predictor: 55


Best: 14 -- (Ken Stromness)

Worst: 80 --

INDIANA  (31 Massey Composite, one behind USF, one ahead of  South Carolina)

Massey: 44

Billingsley: 70

Tempo Free Gridiron: 54

Sagarin Predictor: 56


Best: 3 -- (Ken Stromness)

Worst: 71 --

WKU (117 Massey Composite, one behind Miami (Ohio), one ahead of Central Michigan)

Massey: 113

Billingsley: 116

Tempo Free Gridiron: 98

Sagarin Predictor: 114


Best: 83 -- (B. Wilson Empircal)

Worst: 129 (Bordering on Wisdom)

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