Breckinridge County inmate on the run after overpowering jailer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police are still hunting for a Breckinridge County jail inmate who overpowered a deputy and escaped. Authorities consider the man to be dangerous.

Robert Waddell is a registered sex offender, convicted of rape. His victims were 13 and 14 years old.

He was being taken back to jail last night from the county hospital, and despite being handcuffed and shackled, he managed to jump the deputy and escape.

Robert Waddell was behind bars on charges of rape, burglary and assault. He had been taken to Breckinridge Memorial Hospital complaining of chest pains.

As Waddell was being transporting back to jail, he used a sharp object to overpower Deputy Jailer Joseph Morgan.

"My deputy was put in the back the of the van. Mr. Waddell got in the van and drove off. Drove approximately 8-10 miles and released my deputy," said Breckinridge Co. Jailer Allen Shrewsberry.

Waddell used a jail transport van like this one to make his escape, eventually dropping Morgan on this rural road, where the deputy found help.

"He stated he had walked approximately 2 miles to the nearest residence, and used the phone to call Breckinridge Co. dispatch, and from there he was taken to hospital," said Shrewsberry.

Morgan was treated here and released.

Police say Waddell is from Breckinridge County but has ties elsewhere.

"I think we have to assumed that he's armed and should be considered dangerous. He has an extensive criminal record," said Breckinridge Co. Sheriff Todd Pate.

Paula Alexander is here working her mother's farm. The escape has her on the alert.

"Some nice people that live around here. I just hope they've taken the right precautions too."

It appears Waddell's escape was well planned. He had been taken to the hospital on Monday complaining of chest pains. This time, when he escaped, he took the deputy's shoes.

"Just for the simple fact that he asked for the shoes kind of gives you the impression that he had done thinking about it. Planning maybe," said Shrewsberry.

By policy, Breckinridge Co. deputy jailers do not carry guns. The jailer says there will be an internal investigation, but that policy will likely not change.

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