LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bullitt County is one of several area school districts welcoming students back to class. 

Thousands of students across Kentuckiana headed back to class on Wednesday.

It was a very busy morning at Shepherdsville Elementary School as students stopped off the bus and lined up outside the building.

"I'm gonna be in the 5th grade," said Amia Solus, a student. "And I'm most looking forward to school and math because math is my favorite subject."

For some students, it’s been all about the lead-up.

"I got a new lunchbox and the same backpack -- the same thing," said one young student, showing off the similar designs on his accessories.

"I got butterflies!" said another student, showing off her pink backpack.

Some other students expressed their nervousness at coming back to school.

"Take a big deep breath," said Patrick Durham, principal of Shepherdsville Elementary School. "School is fun, and we learn a lot, and we want to make sure that everyone is challenged and to work hard and always show up and do your best." 

The carpool line over at Bullitt Central High School was long.

For the 13,000 Bullitt County students in kindergarten through 12th grade who went back, its all about getting settled.

Faculty members say it's important to be visible and set expectations.

"And then getting them home safe, that’s the primary goal for your first day," said Steve Miracle, principal of Bullitt Central High School.

It's all about setting students up for a successful year ahead.

"Just focus on learning and don't get distracted on anything else," said Solus.

Other area districts that welcomed students back to class on Wednesday included LaRue, Nelson, Spencer, Marion, Grayson and Meade counties, as well as Elizabethtown Independent and North Harrison Community Schools.

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