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Martin Tallent (Courtesy of the Bullitt County Detention Center)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A substitute teacher with Bullitt County Public Schools was removed from the district after being accused of inappropriate contact with a student. 

According to an arrest complaint, a student texted her mother that she was not comfortable being around her teacher, Martin Tallent, because he showed her a "picture of himself from the waist up without a shirt on." 

The student said Tallent, 59,  told her "girls are vulnerable, that's why they get raped and killed everyday." 

According to court documents, Tallent also told her "ssh don't tell anybody." 

Tallent retired from Bullitt County Public Schools on July 31 but had been serving as a substitute teacher, according to an attorney for the district. 

The district removed him as a substitute on Oct. 11 pending the investigation into inappropriate contact. Tallent then resigned on Oct. 15. 

"He has also been directed to stay off school grounds and have no contact with any student or parent pending the investigation, which is a normal requirement," said Eric Farris, board counsel for Bullitt County Public Schools. 

Tallent is charged with second-degree disorderly conduct and prohibited use of electronic communication systems to procure a minor, according to his jail booking. 

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