U of L, adidas agree to 10-year, $160 million apparel deal

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Just months before the U of L Athletics Association signed a 10-year, $160 million extension of its apparel deal with Adidas, the company hired athletics director Tom Jurich's daughter Haley as an "NCAA brand communications manager," according to her LinkedIn profile.

Jurich's future at U of L is in doubt after federal authorities alleged in a sweeping indictment Tuesday that two assistant basketball coaches at U of L were involved in steering thousands of dollars in payments from Adidas, the school’s apparel provider, to the families of recruits.

Jurich was placed on paid leave Wednesday, with the university's board of trustees scheduled to review his employment at its next meeting Oct. 19.

Kenny Klein, a spokesman for U of L athletics, said Haley Jurich obtained the position on her own accord and that her hiring was unrelated to U of L's business with adidas.

"She was in a good position at the Air Force Academy athletics department prior, applied for and earned the position on her own merits," Klein said in an email. "The contract discussions with adidas were over a long period and unrelated to her position."

The university also did not immediately respond to a request seeking copies of conflict of interest forms that Jurich may have had to file disclosing the relationship.

Jurich executed the long-term extension with Adidas in August without approval of the university’s athletics board or board of trustees. Adidas has been Louisville's official apparel provider for two decades.

Haley Jurich was hired by Adidas in March, according to her LinkedIn profile.

U of L interim President Greg Postel, who chairs the athletics board, said in a statement that Jurich had the authority to execute the deal without board approval.

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