Humana going more green

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) --One of Louisville's largest companies is making an effort to become more green.

Thirty new solar panels have been installed on the roof of the 27-story Humana Headquarters building at Fifth and Main Streets in downtown Louisville.

"The system is up and operational," says Chuck Lambert, Humana vice president for business services. "However, there is still a critical piece we want to build, which is something the associates can actually see, how much electricity is being produced on any given day."

The new solar panel system produces only two percent of the electricity the Humana buildings uses.  But Lambert says the panels are just part of a larger corporate effort to lower energy use and reduce the company's carbon footprint with other investments.

Lambert says they include more efficient heating systems, air conditioning systems, more energy efficient lighting, and software that turns off personal computers when they are not being used.

The new solar panels will serve as a prototype for possible future investments by the Fortune 500 company.  "We have some 40 owned buildings across the country." says Lambert. "We are looking at each of those to see whether this would make sense."

Solar efficiency has a long way to go. But Lambert says the company wants to be a good corporate citizen and set a good example for its workers.  "What can they do at home," says Lambert, "can they install energy efficient light bulbs, can they put in energy efficient thermostats, are they able to consider solar panels further down the road."

The headquarters building houses about 1,500 of Louisville's approximately 10,000 Humana employees.

The company isn't revealing how much the solar panel investment cost the company.

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