(FOX NEWS) -- This year, you can give the gift of sausage-scented wrapping paper.

Fox News reports that, for the second year in a row, Jimmy Dean is promoting a holiday-themed Recipe Gift Exchange, which is sort of like a Secret Santa gift exchange, but only if you replace all the traditional rules of a Secret Santa with sausage, photos of sausage, and sausage-scented wrapping paper.

Specifically, Jimmy Dean is asking fans to share photos of their sausage-inclusive recipes at JimmyDeanGiftExchange.com, where they will be rewarded with their choice of several “sausage-themed gifts” — while supplies last, of course.

Participants can choose from sausage-scented wrapping paper; fur-lined cowboy-boot slippers "equipped with a Jimmy Dean spur"; sausage-flavored candy canes; lip balms flavored like maple and sausage (with bonus mistletoe); knit socks designed to look like "the brand's signature sausage roll packaging;" and a glass sausage ornament that sadly does not smell like sausage.

"Holiday meals are steeped in tradition with home cooks bringing out their most cherished recipes during this time of year," said Scott Glenn, the marketing director for the Jimmy Dean brand, and also a man who is asking us to eat sausage candy for Christmas. "We are so honored that Jimmy Dean sausage plays a part in those recipes. We look forward to seeing what fans cook up this year for the Recipe Gift Exchange and hope our unique sausage gifts light up their season."

Jimmy Dean's Recipe Gift Exchange will be accepting submissions through Dec. 17, or while supplies last.

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