KFC bucket of chicken

(Image Courtesy: Fox News)

(FOX NEWS) -- An executive at KFC has reportedly warmed up to the idea of possibly offering plant-based alternatives at the restaurant chain.

Kevin Hochman, the president of KFC’s U.S. business, thinks he would’ve dismissed the notion had he been asked about it six months ago, he told Business Insider on Thursday.

But it appears that he may be coming around, telling the outlet “never say never.”

“I would have said never six months ago," Hochman said. "Now, I've really re-thought that. We're going to learn more about that. ... It still feels a little early, but we're going to learn about it."

Hochman told Business Insider that he’s planning to meet “with some of the big guys” in hopes of answering the question, “what does alternative protein look like in chicken?"

Plant-based menu items have caught on at other chains such as Burger King, which announced in April it planned to test the Impossible Whopper in additional markets following a successful month-long test at several restaurants in St. Louis.

Little Caesars has also teamed up with plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods to test out meatless sausage crumbles as a topping option on pizza.

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